Can I Go To Hospital For A Dental Emergency? Emergency Dentist Perth & Brisbane

Key Takeaways:
  • Dental emergencies need immediate treatment because they can lead to more problems if you delay treatment.
  • You can treat your dental emergency at a hospital if no dentist or nearby dental clinic is available.
  • Always seek professional dental services to examine your dental health after getting treatment from a hospital.

Yes, you can go to the hospital for a dental emergency if it is a life-threatening situation or involves trauma to the face and mouth. While an emergency dentist is usually the recommended first contact, immediate attention at a hospital may be necessary in certain cases.

Dental emergencies can occur at any time, and knowing where to seek immediate medical attention is crucial. Whether you have suffered from a toothache, a broken tooth, gum swelling, or an infection, understanding the types of dental emergencies requiring hospital care or an emergency dentist in Brisbane is important for your dental health.

What Are The Types Of Dental Emergencies That Require Hospital Care?

Examples of these types of emergencies include severe toothache that is unbearable, violent injury leading to dislocation of the jaw, fractures, abscess, or infection causing difficulty in breathing or swallowing, or serious cuts and lacerations to the oral cavity.

What To Expect At The Hospital For A Dental Emergency?

If you need to go to a hospital for a dental emergency, knowing what to expect can help you feel more at ease.

An Examination

The doctor will examine you first to determine the problem before administering any relief. X-rays will be taken before the start of any treatment. The doctor will likely check for inflammation, infection, and damage to the teeth, gums, canals, or mouth. 

Pain Relief

After your dental care provider has worked out the cause of your pain, the next step is alleviation.

The doctor may give you a painkiller injection, since injections work faster than tablets in relieving pain. They may also provide prescription medications such as antibiotics to clear the infections and inflammation and reduce the discomfort, or a benzocaine gel to numb the affected area.

Temporary Relief 

Most hospitals can offer temporary relief for your dental emergency. This might include prescribing antibiotics for a bacterial infection, using a cold compress to relieve swelling, or even a rinse-your-mouth salt water solution for minor oral hygiene issues.

It is important to remember that these measures are temporary. Dental emergencies can cause worse problems if not properly attended to, so always seek dental care after a hospital visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Emergency Dentists Perform Tooth Extractions?

Yes, an emergency dentist can perform tooth extractions if necessary. However, this action often depends on the type of emergency and the condition of the tooth.

Can The ER Help With Tooth Infection?

The ER can provide temporary relief for tooth infections, typically through antibiotics. However, for comprehensive dental care, it is recommended that you see a dentist after receiving initial treatment.

Can You Have Your Tooth Extracted In A Hospital?

In severe cases, tooth extraction may be performed in a hospital. However, these cases are not common, and an extraction can only be done following a violent injury or a life-threatening situation.

Do Hospitals in Australia Have Dentists?

Most large hospitals in Australia have dental clinics that provide emergency dental services. For specific information about hospitals in Perth and Brisbane, please contact us.

Can You Go To The Hospital For Tooth Pain?

Yes, severe tooth pain is a valid reason to visit the hospital. Unbearable pain could indicate a severe infection, abscess, or other issues that may require immediate care.

How Urgent Is A Tooth Extraction?

The urgency for a tooth extraction depends on the situation. If a tooth is knocked out, broken, or causing severe pain, immediate care is necessary. However, if you start experiencing unending bleeding, you need an urgent extraction. 


While hospitals can provide immediate relief for severe dental emergencies, they are not intended to be a substitute for professional dental care. Dental clinics and emergency dentist services, such as those in Perth and Brisbane, offer comprehensive care for a range of dental emergencies. My Emergency Dentist offers professional dental emergency services. We have clinics in Perth and Brisbane where we treat dental emergencies at affordable rates. Contact us for all dental emergencies and treatments, or book an appointment with any of our professional emergency dentists.

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