How Much Does A Dental Emergency Cost? Emergency Dentist Perth & Brisbane

The thing with dental emergencies is just that-–they’re emergencies. Nobody plans to have them. But when your dental health is at stake, you cannot afford to ditch that emergency dental appointment.

When your mind is clouded with thoughts of your tooth problems, you may forget to consider the cost of your treatment. Our dentist will walk you through payment and financing options at My Emergency Dentist. Not to worry; your treatment will still be at the top of the priority list.

So, before you head over for your emergency dental appointment, this article will give you an idea of what to expect for the cost of dental emergencies, with or without insurance.

How Much Does a Dental Emergency Cost

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of your dental emergency depends on the severity of your issue.
  • Your insurance may cover a part of your dental emergency payment.
  • My Emergency Dentist offers same-day and after-hours treatment for dental emergencies.

How Do I Know If I Need An Emergency Visit?

Your concerns about your teeth can be nerve-wracking, but not every dental issue qualifies as a dental emergency.  Here are some surefire signs that you need to call your emergency dentist for an appointment as soon as possible.

  • You are experiencing extreme and unbearable tooth pain.
  • You have swelling in your mouth or your jaw.
  • Your gums are aching or bleeding profusely.
  • You have a broken or badly cracked tooth.
  • Your jaw is popping.
  • There is a growth or sore in your mouth.
  • Your aching tooth has suddenly gone numb.
  • Your filling gets damaged.

If you still aren’t sure, call My Emergency Dentist, and we will be happy to determine the severity of your problem and schedule you for an appointment at the appropriate time.

How Much Does Emergency Dentistry Cost?

It’s easy to get apprehensive since you can’t tell the exact cost of emergencies, especially if you have no insurance. At My Emergency Dentist, we offer convenient payment plans so you don’t have to worry about payment when you should be concerned about the success of your treatment.

Here are some of the costs you can expect for various dental treatments: Although these are just general estimates, they can vary when you see your dentist.

Cost Of Dental Crown

A dental crown is a treatment that remedies severely damaged teeth, like an extremely discoloured or damaged filing. It can be made from various materials like porcelain, metal, or a combination of porcelain fused with metal (PFM). 

The cost of your emergency dental crown depends largely on the material used to construct it. Porcelain crowns, which are best suited for your front teeth due to their colour, may cost between $1200 and $1500 per crown.

On the other hand, metal crowns cost between $1200 to $1400 per tooth. Metal crowns are recommended for your back teeth since they are hidden. At the same time, PFM crowns could go as high as $2400 per tooth.

Cost Of Root Canal

Some tooth infections only affect the root; in that case, you can keep your natural tooth and get the root treated. A root canal procedure is highly specialised, so the costs can run a little high.

The root canal cost for your front teeth will be the most affordable, ranging between $700 and $900. While Molars cost between $1000 to $1200 for a root canal treatment,

Cost Of Tooth Extraction

If the infection causes severe damage, your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction. But this is usually the case in severe cases when your dentist cannot salvage the state of your natural teeth.

The extraction would have to be performed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. A single-tooth extraction can cost between $200 and $600 if anaesthesia is required, while a non-surgical extraction for emergencies costs $75 to $300. 

Cost Of Filled Cavity

If you have minimal cavities, your dentist may recommend a filling to restore your teeth’s function. These fillings can be made from various materials that work to restore your chewing ability.

Based on the materials, a resin-based composite or tooth-coloured filling can cost between $135 and $240. While you can expect between $110 and $200 for a silver amalgam filling, your dentist will advise you on the best material.

Does Insurance Cover The Cost Of Emergency Dental Treatment?

Some dental insurance plans include coverage for emergency and after-hours dental care. Depending on your plan, you may still owe a deductible or copayment for an emergency dental visit.

The insurance providers covering dental emergencies may only do so with dentists in your network. Inquire with your dentists about which insurance plans they accept and how much your current insurance will cover in your payment.

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What Happens During An Emergency Dental Visit?

A dental emergency visit will be similar to a regular appointment, except that the dentist will treat your case more urgently. You can expect three things when you call in for a dental emergency.

Same day Appointment

Not all dentists accept emergency cases, but the ones that do, such as My Emergency Dentist, will typically keep their schedule flexible enough to accommodate a dental emergency. So, you will be scheduled for an almost immediate appointment when you call the dentist.

Emergency Examination

The next step is for your dentist to perform a dental exam on you. This will aid them in finding the root problem as well as the severity of the case. They will also ask for your medical history and current medications before formulating a treatment plan.

Emergency Procedure

Finally, your dentist will carry out your procedure based on the completed treatment plan. Depending on the severity, you may be placed on a sedative such as nitruous oxide to keep you calm during the procedure.


Can The ER Help With A Tooth?

The emergency room can stabilise patients, control bleeding, and treat various dental issues.

How Quickly Can You Get Emergency Dental Treatment?

In clinics that offer 24-hour emergency dental care, you should be able to get treatment on the same day you make the call.

How Much Does It Cost To Pull A Tooth?

Extraction of a tooth starts at $75 and can go as high as $600 per tooth.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency requires immediate treatment to save a tooth, stop bleeding, and alleviate pain.

How Fast Can A Tooth Infection Spread?

It can take a few weeks or months for an infection in your tooth to spread and potentially become life-threatening.

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