Is A Loose Dental Implant An Emergency?

loose dental implant

There are a few factors that can lead to a loose dental implant necessitating immediate therapy. What should you do if your tooth implants become loose? Continue reading below to learn everything there is to know about loose dental implants from My Emergency Dentist.

How Does Dental Implant Work?

In its most basic form, a dental implant is a screw that is inserted into your jaw bone to replace lost teeth. The dental restoration placed on top of your dental implant is determined by the number of teeth you are replacing. 

A single crown is often fitted to an implant for a single tooth. A dental bridge or a full denture linked to a dental implant may be used to replace more than one tooth.

Is It Necessary For A Loose Dental Implant To Have Emergency Treatment?

A patient who notices their normally secure tooth is unstable, or out of position may be concerned about a loose dental implant. This is not normal, and you should reach out to the dentist immediately — our team in our Perth, WA clinic can assist you if your implant falls loose.

Why Do Dental Implants Become Loose?

When you feel movement in your dental implant, it’s usually not from the implant itself. It is the crown affixed to the loose implant in a single natural tooth replaced with a dental implant. When it comes to bigger bridges or dentures, it’s likely that a portion that binds the bridge or denture to the dental implant might be loose instead of the implant itself. A small screw that’s securing the denture to the tooth implant or releases cement between crown and abutment are examples of this.

Preventing a Loose Dental Implant

There are some things you could do to keep your dental implant from getting loose over time. To guarantee that your dental implant lasts as long as possible, we recommend performing the following steps:

  • Avoid foods that are hard, sticky, or crunchy. They can wear down your crown and irritate the implant.
  • Maintain good dental hygiene at all times to avoid gum disease and infection, which can lead to issues with your dental implant.
  • Make an appointment with your hygienist twice a year for cleanings, and meet with a dental surgeon at least yearly for a check-up.

Finally, dental implants are one of the most effective medical or dental procedures now available. Complications with dental implant procedures are infrequent, with a success rate of over 95%. Our staff at My Emergency Dentist is made up of ADA-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons who are prepared to face any challenges that may occur.

One of Perth’s most experienced dental implant offices is ours. We can handle any implant or post-implant problem with state-of-the-art modern technologies and a committed crew of implant specialists.

What To Do If Your Dental Implants Become Loose?

First and most importantly, you must properly store the crown, screw, or other components in a container while you schedule an emergency appointment with your dentist. 

In the meantime, you can rinse your mouth with mouthwash, but be sure it doesn’t include any alcohol. Also, eating on this side of your mouth (the side of the dental implants) is not recommended. It would only put unnecessary pressure on the implants.

My Emergency Dentist Can Help You

Give us a call if you feel that your dental implant is loose. We will conduct an investigation to determine the root of the problem. When you become a patient of My Emergency Dentist, you’ll understand why local families have trusted our Perth dentist with their dental health requirements for more than a decade. Contact us online or call us today!

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