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Cosmetic dentistry can change your life! Accessing these procedures can generally improves a person’s oral health and encourages confidence. To enhance the appearance of your smile, there are several treatments available to restore the condition of your teeth. This includes dental fillings, teeth whitening and straightening. A fresh smile can make all the difference to your self-esteem.
The majority of these procedures are highly effective, minimally invasive, have quick recovery and little to no pain. My Emergency Dentist offers these cosmetic dentistry solutions:
Over time, your teeth can become quite stained and is usually caused by cigarette smoke, coffee or tea – and sometimes the food you eat. Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic procedures and makes teeth appear several shades lighter. A bleaching agent is generally used to achieve the desired results and is a relatively quick process with very little discomfort. The results can be dramatic, so why not book a treatment now!
Composite is a great way to improve your appearance, the material resembles real tooth enamel and can be sculpted or contoured to create a completely natural smile. Bonding corrects the appearance of damaged teeth including chips and small breaks. Once the composite material is placed over the tooth and shaped, a high-intensity light is used to harden the material and the completed work looks very natural. Restore the condition of your teeth after tooth decay and discolouration without intensive surgery or dental work and choose composite bonding.
Inlays and onlays are actually made in a dental lab and bonded to your teeth during a simple clinic visit. Similar to traditional fillings, a porcelain or composite material is fitted to your teeth to restore the structural damage and create a beautiful new look.
Veneers can give you a completely new smile! If you have multiple teeth with discoloration, cracks, or chips, thin layers of a porcelain or composite material can be bonded directly to the front of your teeth. The perfect option for patients who have multiple teeth needing restorative work. Our Lab technicians make the porcelain veneers from a mould, which are then bonded to your teeth in a subsequent appointment. Composite veneers are another process and can usually be completed in one day. Your dentist will sculpt the material on your teeth and then bond it in place.
Crowns come in a variety of different materials, porcelain fused to metal, metal, resin and even ceramic. They cover the outer surface of a damaged tooth and are long lasting. A dentist will recommend crowns when other options cannot restore the condition of the tooth or when a patient has undergone root canal treatment. A permanent crown is made in a lab and attached to your tooth on a return visit; with proper care crowns can last for decades. Learn more about Dental Crowns.
Bridges are fixed in place and are long term solution when multiple teeth need to be replaced. Sometimes called fixed partial dentures, bridges are used to connect multiple artificial teeth by joining a crown and a bridge to your jaw.
A smile makeover includes any combination of the dental procedures discussed, including crowns, veneers, or whitening to give you the look you want!.
If there are specific functional issues with your mouth and you’re suffering poor quality of life as a result, a complete reconstruction may be necessary. Issues related to your bite or the bone structure of your jaw and teeth can be addressed professionally and with proper advice. Cosmetic dentistry covers a wide range of procedures and treatments and are not always for a specific medical benefit. They offer genuine options to both improve your smile and overall appearance.
Make sure to discuss the details of any procedure with your dentist and ask questions Here are some answers to some of our most common inquiries.
Composite bonding, veneers, crowns or other treatments use a material to recreate the appearance of healthy enamel or teeth. They include porcelain, composite resin, porcelain bonded to metal, various metals, and ceramic. Porcelain resembles natural tooth enamel, and it’s easier to create a natural smile with this material, but can be more costly.
Consider the type insurance you have and what cover you will receive for work done. As cosmetic procedures are elective, your insurance may not cover all treatment unless there’s a medical reason. Cost of procedures vary and other determining factors including complexity, extent of treatment and materials used make up the final price. Make sure you receive a quote before you agree to a cosmetic dental procedure, which should include a complete breakdown of cost for treatment.
Cosmetic dental procedures are a great choice if you wish to enhance your appearance with a brand-new smile. My Emergency Dentist is happy to consult with you and offer the advice you need to make the right choice when considering your options. If you think that you’re a good candidate for any of the procedures discussed, then contact us at a My Emergency Dentist today!

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