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Tooth Pain Treatment in Perth

We all experience pain and tooth pain can be excruciating! My Emergency Dentist is here to help you with all aspects of tooth pain and offer effective and easy solutions.

Obvious symptoms are an aching tooth and/or jaw caused by tooth decay, pulpitis, or cracked tooth, or you could feel a stinging sensation when chewing, increased sensitivity of your mouth area, and reactions to hot or cold food. Other symptoms of tooth pain include a bleeding tooth or gums, swelling of gums or jaw caused by gum disease.

Tooth pain should not be taken lightly as it could develop into a bigger, more serious condition, including tooth loss. Watch for,
Your My Emergency Dentist will examine your mouth, find the source of pain, and determine the best treatment to cure it. For instance, an impacted wisdom tooth causing pain will be extracted, while pain caused by tooth decay is treated by installing a dental crown to support the damaged tooth.
Do not neglect the pain! There is a good chance your tooth pain is a signal of another condition and needs to be treated immediately!
Lack of oral hygiene is the main cause, brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly will keep your teeth and gums healthy. And be careful how you use your teeth – treat them with care.
It’s highly unlikely for tooth pain to go away on its own – especially if caused by another dental illness. See My Emergency Dentist to have it properly checked.
Some options include gargling with warm salt water to calm the inflammation, using ice or a cold compress.
Painkillers, using numbing gel, gargling warm salt water can relieve tooth pain temporarily. However, please keep in mind that while these options ease the pain, you must see your dentist.
Painkillers can only temporarily relieve the pain but it will not cure the main cause of it. Visit My Emergency Dentist to determine and treat the source of the pain.
Yes, numbing gel can be used to ease the pain. However, numbing gel is designed for temporary use only.
Salt is able to drain liquid that causes swelling. Gargling warm can reduce the swelling caused by tooth pain, although it will not completely cure it.
Yes, brushing your teeth is essential, as it will eliminate the bacteria in your mouth. Brush gently and use a soft-bristled toothbrush.
Tooth pain does not worsen at night but it certainly could feel more painful when you are sleeping or lying down.
Elevating your head when sleeping to stop blood adding pressure to the mouth area when lying down. Use an ice or cold compress before or while you are sleeping.
Some tooth pain can be considered a dental emergency. If the pain is really severe, your gums are bleeding, or your tooth is broken, you should go directly to the emergency room.
This could be a sign that you have gum disease as the symptoms are often painless. Go for a dental check-up at My Emergency Dentist to make sure.
Anyone, from kids to elders, is prone to tooth pain.
Yes, it is possible for kids to have tooth pain. Additionally, it’s important to teach them about oral hygiene to prevent dental problems.
Tooth and jaw pain can be early signs of cancer, but there are also many other factors that induce tooth pain. Visit your dentist for a check-up to make sure.
Depending on the severity of the tooth pain and the treatment, you may heal in just a few days, while more serious cases can take months to recover.
Be sure to always maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly will keep your teeth clean and healthy.
Depending on the treatment given, the dentist will give you further instructions. Regular dental check-ups are advisable every six months.

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