Picture this: you’re enjoying a peaceful meal, and suddenly, your denture decides it’s had enough, leaving you frustrated and uncomfortable. We understand the pain and inconvenience a broken denture can cause, but you won’t have to worry.

At My Emergency Dentist, we’re here to turn your frown upside down with our quick and reliable emergency denture repair services.

What Is a Denture Repair?

A denture repair is essentially fixing your dentures when they are damaged or no longer fit properly. Over time, dentures can have various issues, from chips to cracks and even loose fittings. The good news? Most repairs can be done on the spot while you wait, so you can get back to your day without unnecessary delays.

How Much Does a Denture Repair Cost?

Expect to pay around $299. However, costs vary based on the extent of the damage. Contact us for a consultation, and we’ll provide a transparent estimate.

Types of Denture Repairs

There are different types of denture repairs depending on the issue.
Types of Emergency Denture Repairs Perth
Emergency Denture Repairs in Perth
  • Relining: This is when the soft inner lining of your denture is replaced or adjusted to improve its fit in your mouth. Over time, your gums naturally change shape, causing dentures to become loose and uncomfortable. A reline adds new material to the lining, restoring snugness and comfort.
  • Rebasing: If the entire base of your denture is cracked, broken, or needs significant reshaping, a rebase is necessary. This involves replacing the entire baseplate with new material, essentially giving your dentures a new foundation.
  • Tooth repair: Sometimes, individual teeth on your dentures might chip, crack, or even fall out. This can be easily fixed by a dental technician by either bonding the broken piece back on or replacing the entire tooth with a new one.

Where Can I Get It Done?

Experiencing a denture emergency? My Emergency Dentist is your go-to solution in Perth. Our clinics, strategically situated in Ellenbrook, Mindarie, South Perth, and Belmont, ensure that professional help is always within easy reach. 

We offer same-day denture repairs, helping you quickly restore your confident smile. Don’t let denture issues disrupt your day – contact us for immediate assistance!

How Quick is Dentures Repair

Our quick repairs are aptly named – most are completed within an hour! Our dental prosthetists are skilled at repairing both full and partial dentures. 

We understand the urgency, and we recognise that prompt action is crucial to prevent further damage. Don’t let a denture hiccup ruin your day – let us fix it swiftly and efficiently.

How Do I Know I Need Emergency Denture Repairs?

While dentures are generally durable, they can sometimes sustain damage or become ill-fitting, requiring immediate attention. Here’s how you can tell if your denture situation warrants an emergency repair:

  1. Physical Damage

    • Cracks or fractures: These can compromise the denture’s structural integrity, potentially causing sharp edges that irritate your gums or even break further. This can lead to swallowing or breathing risks.
    • Broken clasps or attachments: These secure your dentures in place, and their malfunction can cause them to slip or dislodge. This can impact speaking, eating, and your overall confidence.
    • Loose or dislodged teeth: Individual teeth on dentures can become loose or fall out due to wear and tear or improper cleaning. This can be uncomfortable and affect your ability to chew effectively.
  2. Discomfort and Functionality Issues

    • Pain or sores: If your dentures are causing pain, sores, or irritation in your mouth, it’s a sign of improper fit or damage that needs to be addressed promptly.
    • Difficulty chewing or speaking: Ill-fitting or damaged dentures can make it difficult to chew or speak clearly. This will often impact your daily life and social interactions.
    • Changes in facial appearance: Dentures that no longer fit properly can cause your facial muscles to strain to compensate, potentially leading to noticeable changes in your appearance.
  3. Additional Red Flags

    • Bleeding gums: While occasional gum bleeding can occur when cleaning dentures, persistent or excessive bleeding indicates underlying issues that require professional evaluation.
    • Loss of taste or smell: In rare cases, poorly fitting dentures can irritate nerves in your mouth. This can affect your sense of taste or smell.
    • Fever or facial swelling: These symptoms, along with mouth pain, can indicate a serious infection requiring immediate medical attention.

How Can I Avoid Denture Damage?

Prevention is better than cure. Ensure the longevity of your dentures by adopting proper cleaning habits and avoiding hard foods. While accidents happen, being mindful of your dentures can significantly reduce the risk of damage over time.

Post-Repair Maintenance

Once your denture is back in shape, a little TLC (tender, loving care) goes a long way. Follow our simple guidelines for post-repair maintenance to keep your dentures in superior condition. Regular dental check-ups are also crucial for overall oral health to ensure any potential issues are caught early.

We get it – dealing with a broken denture can be stressful. Rest assured, we’re here to help. Our experienced dentists understand your concerns, and we’re committed to making the repair process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Don’t worry; you’re in good hands.

Emergency Dentist Perth

Tooth decay can become so serious that extraction is could be necessary, your dentist may recommend dentures as a future solution.

Emergency Denture Repairs FAQs

Maintain your dentures to ensure oral hygiene and longevity.
Many insurance plans cover denture repairs. Our team can help you navigate the process and determine your coverage. We also have flexible payment plans, so remember to ask your dentist about your financing options.

Call us to discuss your situation. We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs and guide you on temporary measures.

My Emergency Dentist is your reliable partner for quick, efficient, and affordable repairs. We understand the importance of your smile, and we’re dedicated to getting you back on your feet. Don’t let a broken denture ruin your day – contact us now, and let’s bring that smile back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Signs include:

• Chips in the dentures.

• Difficulty chewing after the two-week acclimatisation process.

• A changing fit in your mouth.

• Pressure sores on your gums.

• Speech pattern changes.

• Bad breath.

Dentures are affordable, aesthetically pleasing and can assist in supporting your cheeks and lips to prevent them from sagging.
You can use an over-the-counter adhesive if you believe it will make your experience with dentures more comfortable, but it shouldn’t be substitute for a good fit.
It ‘s generally recommended that you visit your dentist every 6 months for teeth cleaning and evaluation. In these sessions, your dentist can also check-up on your dentures.
My Emergency Dentist’s highly qualified team of dentists will ensure that you have to spend as little time being refitted as possible. Quality is our utmost concern; we will endeavour to fit your dentures quickly and properly so you can keep on going with your normal life. 

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