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Count on your Perth General Dentist

Most of our patients visit us for their general dentistry and we look after our patients with a variety of treatments. Our comfortable and inviting clinic in Perth offers evaluations, diagnosis, prevention and the treatment of established dental conditions and diseases. We’re dedicated to giving you a great smile, and we can treat any dental problem with cosmetic, restorative and preventative solutions.
How often do you think should you visit your dentist? We recommend at least twice per year for a regular exam, don’t wait until you have severe pain or toothache. By taking a wholistic approach it’s easier for your professional to detect problems early, preventing damage and tooth decay. In a regular dental exam x-rays may be taken and your dentist or dental hygienist will remove plaque and build up from your teeth.
As a part of a regular check-up, you’ll receive a thorough clean and any build up will be professionally removed. A regular clean prevents a host of problems and gives more protection your smile, remember to make an appointment!
Everyone just loves white sparkly teeth! Over time teeth can become stained usually from foods and drinks, and also smoking which increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Teeth whitening uses a bleaching agent takes your teeth several shades lighter. This procedure removes superficial stains caused from:
Enamel erosion of your teeth can cause yellowing as well, and your dentist may recommend cosmetic bonding. Book a whitening procedure now!
Cosmetic bonding is a great choice for improving the look of your smile. A resin material is applied directly to the front of your teeth and bonded with an intense light. The resin is matched to your natural look and then shaped or polished to look natural. This is an affordable and effective cosmetic procedure where chips, cracks, and discoloration are easily hidden. Improve your smile now.
A new crown is a great look to improve worn teeth and is a permanent, durable and attractive solution. Essentially a cap placed over one or more of your teeth and cemented into place. Beautiful looking ceramic or porcelain is fused to metal alloys to create a natural look. Crowns can make your teeth last even longer and are a good way to protect your remaining teeth after life-long wear and tear. A dental bridge is comprised of two or more crowns and fills the gap between missing teeth.
If there is not enough support from adjacent teeth for a dental bridge, then dental implants are good choice; many people prefer this natural looking solution over dentures. Small titanium posts are placed in the jawbone below the gums and used to support artificial teeth that look completely natural. The gums and jawbone must be healthy as the implant is fused directly to your jawbone, and the result is an amazing pristine smile.
At times a tooth may need to be extracted due to decay and damage. Our clinic does our best to ensures that our patients are comfortable during this process that requires local anaesthesia and basic surgery. There are two types of extractions – a simple extraction and a surgical extraction. In the simple version, your dentist loosens the tooth with an ‘elevator’ instrument and removes using forceps. If the tooth is broken off at the gum line or if there are other difficulties, your dentist may need to perform basic surgery. We take the greatest care of our patients so they feel both safe and confident when in the chair.
Fillings are vital to protect teeth from further decay and often covers just one area of the tooth. They can restore the appearance of a damaged tooth and a variety of porcelain, metal, and composite resin are used. We try to make the procedure as quick and as comfortable as possible and encourage you to maintain your oral health with regular visits.
This technique protects the biting surface, Inlays cover very center of the biting surface of the tooth and an Onlay covers the entire biting surface. They act just like fillings and offer more protection for your teeth.
Veneers can look wonderful! Similar to cosmetic bonding but stronger, they are typically made of porcelain and very thin layer is placed over your teeth. Designed to resemble the natural appearance of your teeth they will last longer and are less likely to chip.
There comes a time when some people require dentures, when multiple teeth need to be replaced. For removable dentures, the gums are measured and fitted with the best materials and each set is designed for the individual. Fixed dentures require dental implants, but this does allow them to remain in place without the use of dental paste.
A root canal treatment is typically used to prevent the spread of infection and save the exterior of a tooth. An effective procedure, the pulp is removed from the inner cavity and a filling or crown used to restore the exterior condition of the tooth, which still looks exactly the same.

Sealants are most commonly used in order to protect children’s teeth as they develop protect your teeth against cavities. These sealants are typically applied during routine dental check ups.
General dentistry covers many different procedures from teeth whitening to root canal treatments, you can rely on us to maintain the health of your teeth. It’s during these visits, that we can uncover dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease, or cavities. Early detection could prevent severe or irreversible damage and ongoing expense. Book an appointment with us today! Our centrally located My Emergency Dentist Perth Dental Clinic accepts all major health insurance providers. Call us today or book your appointment online.

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