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Emergency Root Canal Perth

Root canal (endodontics) procedures have advanced dramatically over the years and are not as painful as many people imagine. This procedure is used to remove a tooth nerve, and the canal is cleaned and shaped to prevent infection. The tooth is saved, remains in place for cosmetic purposes and pain when chewing is eradicated.

Do You Need Root Canal (Endodontics) Treatment?

There are many reasons,

A root canal (endodontics) treatment Perth prevents an extraction once the tooth nerve has been removed. Abscesses can also occur due to infection and this treatment is a totally effective solution. You may have an abscess if your tooth is painful to touch or if you cannot bite down or chew. When a tooth nerve has died, a root canal stops prevent bacteria from spreading, and the recess left behind is filled and capped with a crown.

In certain cases, a root canal is needed before performing other restorative work. For example, when getting a crown or a bridge, your dentist may need to file or adjust the shape of your existing teeth. If this leads to an exposed nerve in one of your teeth, then a root canal must be planned to prevent nerve pain.

Complications Root Canal Treatment in Perth WA

Root canal procedures have a high success rate, although complications can occur.

Fracturing a Tooth or Dental Crown

During a root canal brittle teeth can fracture and a tooth may need to be extracted. Your dentist will look for fractures in x-rays before starting the surgery, to help limit the chances of this occurring.

Missing the Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics) Perth

Sometimes the root canal can be missed – there are up to 3 roots and 4 canals in a standard tooth and if it is in an unusual position this can occur. If this problem is not detected during the surgery, the missed canal can increase the risk of infection.


If an infection reappears, then the root canal operation was not successful. Sometimes lack of proper cleaning can cause these infections, they can arise from abnormal root formations.


If a perforation does occur, usually it can be repaired; it’s also common to choose to remove the whole root.

Fractured Instruments

Specially designed tiny instruments are used during root canal procedures in Perth WA, and it is possible for these instruments to break or get stuck in the canal.

They may be removed immediately, using forceps or another instrument, but additional surgery may be needed to retrieve the piece.

What is Endodontics Treatment in Perth?

Dental endodontics in Perth is a specialty that focuses on identifying and managing pulp-related issues. The innermost layer of a tooth’s pulp, which also contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue, is what gives teeth their vitality. Serious discomfort and/or tooth loss can result from damaged or diseased pulp. To identify and address these issues, endodontists have received specialized training.

Procedures for Endodontic Treatment

The following techniques are typically included in endodontic therapy in Perth, WA:

Root Canal Therapy

An infected or damaged tooth pulp is treated with this technique. The tooth’s inside is cleansed and sealed after the tooth pulp is removed. 


An partially injured tooth pulp is treated with this treatment. The pulp is removed from the damaged area and sealed around the healthy pulp.

Signs Indicating the Need for Endodontic Treatment Perth WA

You could require endodontic therapy if any of the following symptoms apply to you:

  • severe dental pain that is unresponsive to over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • long-lasting sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures after the stimulus has been eliminated.
  • gum swelling or sensitivity.
  • a gum-related bump
  • teeth discoloration

It’s important to visit an endodontist. It can lessen pain and save your tooth.

Why Choose an Endodontist Specialist in Perth?

Endodontists in Perth have received specialized training to identify and handle pulp-related issues. They are qualified and experienced to give your teeth the greatest treatment possible.

See an endodontist as soon as possible if you see any signs of a pulp issue with a tooth. Endodontic therapy can save your tooth and provide pain relief.

How Does a Root Canal Procedure in Perth Work?

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Basically, emergency endodontics root canal Perth therapy is a cleaning and disinfecting process designed to save a tooth and eradicate infection. These procedures are generally successful and recommended by dentists. Usually, an x-ray will reveal the shape of the root canals and infection around the bone. Local anaesthesia is administered and a rubber dam placed to keep the area dry. The tooth is drilled and the pulp removed, along with any bacteria or debris and nerve tissue. The dentist completes cleaning process using root canal Perth, WA files, and water or sodium hypochlorite flushes the canal.

If the tooth is not sealed on the same day, a temporary dental filling is applied to prevent any debris from getting into the canal. This generally happens when there is a sign or risk of infection and your dentist may use a medication to clear it up. The tooth is sealed using a sealer paste and a rubber compound and a filling is then fitted to the exterior. Depending on the level of decay, a crown may be needed to protect the tooth. My Emergency Dentist will work with you to devise a customised treatment plan, and our goal is to help correct your smile and to prevent future pain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Treatment

Patients tend to be fearful of this procedure because they anticipate the pain involved. To bring you confidence we have addressed some of common questions.
The procedure itself is not generally painful and local anaesthesia is always administered. There will be some discomfort from the swelling which will heal within the next few days. Root canal treatments can help eliminate pain and infection after a nerve begins to die, and is often viewed as one of the most effective treatment to save a precious tooth!

Endodontists Perth are better at root canals because they have more training and experience in this area. They also have access to more sophisticated tools and technology.

Duration depends on the complexity of the surgery but doesn’t take long. After an initial consultation and X-rays, the actual procedure should only take between 30 and 90 minutes.

Yes, your dentist can refer you to an endodontist Perth if they feel that you would benefit from their services.

Usually, it only takes a few days to return to normal with some slight inflammation, discomfort or a dull ache near the site of the surgery. Any recurring pain signifies the return of an infection and you should see your dentist immediately.
Although not common, the biggest risk is the return of an infection usually from undetected fractures and incorrect cleaning, which are typically treated with a medication. Root canal surgeries are 95% successful! So, while complications can occur, you can be confident that this procedure is designed to improve your overall oral health.
Here are the main benefits of receiving a root canal treatment,• freedom from pain and discomfort;• healthy infection free teeth;• to keep your beautiful smile!Please book an appointment for a Root Canal Treatment consultation in Perth, we would be happy to discuss this further with you.

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