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Book your first EMERGENCY DENTAL VISIT for $349* which includes a consultation, x-rays, a tooth extraction or a surface filling.

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We are Preferred Providers for these Health Funds

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My Emergency Dentist Perth is a one stop dental clinic. Our services include preventative treatment, relief of pain, teeth straightening, crowns, implants, cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry.

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General Dentist

Whether you’re seeking a simple check-up, an x-ray or a filling, Emergency Dentist Perth provides a range of general dental services.

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Emergency Dental

If you require emergency dental treatment, we are open 6 days a week and dedicated emergency appointments are set aside every day to accommodate urgent situations.
Emergency Denture Repair

Urgent Denture Repair

We offer the latest techniques and materials when you are in need of an urgent denture repair during emergencies.

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We are also located at Ellenbrook, Joondalup, Mindarie and Brisbane


My Emergency Dentist Perth - Frequently Asked Questions:

Any dental issue that requires immediate attention to stop bleeding, relieve severe pain, or save a tooth is considered an emergency. This is also true for severe infections that can be fatal. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be in the midst of a dental emergency Perth.
It is also important to note that some minor symptoms such as sudden swelling of the cheek or gums, and severe discomfort in the mouth, which may also come with swelling felt in the jaw can be a prelude to a dental emergency.

Not only are ER not permitted to extract teeth, but it is also illegal for anyone other than a dentist to perform an emergency tooth extraction, root canal, or any other dental care in an emergency room.

A tooth abscess is a dental emergency in the strictest sense. If you suspect you have a tooth abscess, seek treatment immediately. Abscess, if left untreated, can cause infection to spread throughout the body, resulting in serious and even life-threatening complications.

ER doctors can prescribe antibiotics and pain medications to keep you comfortable until you can schedule an appointment with your dentist. If you have a severe toothache, you can also take over-the-counter pain relievers. ER physicians are only permitted to prescribe medications/antibiotics.

Toothaches that are unexplained, persistent, and severe can be a sign of gum disease and infection. If the ache is mild, begin with some at-home remedies. However, if the severity worsens or the ache persists, it’s time to contact your emergency dentist.

Some of the common dental emergencies are infected tooth, bleeding teeth or gums, knocked-out tooth, and a chipped tooth.